Find the 6 hidden words космос эпоха уникальный земля

Latest : Find 6 hidden words

Latest : Find 6 hidden words

Here is the another viral image puzzle in this series. Like other images you will need to find 6 hidden words in the image above.

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So let’s see how many hidden words you get out of six and how much time you take to find them.

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Answer of the puzzle Latest : Find 6 hidden words is given below :

1. Despair
2. Cat
3. Beer
4. Cereal
5. Mess
6. Family

If you can solve any 3 of these 5 puzzles, you have got a great IQ


Find the 10 hidden words 102 стр


venice is a unique city in northern italy. at least once to go there is necessary for any person. after all, this city is slowly sinking into the water. of course, in order for it to completely disappear underwater, centuries must pass, but still every year less of this city remains on the surface of the earth, and the sooner you can visit it, the more you will be able to see. what other reasons are there for choosing venice for your trip?

reason 1. to visit the famous piazza san marco

this area is known worldwide for the number of pigeons gathering here. to be in venice and not take a picture surrounded by the rain palace, the bell tower, the grand canal and, of course, numerous birds, means not to keep one of the most important memories of this city.

tourists are lucky if they have chosen to stop venice hotels in the center. then to piazza san marco will be within reach, there will be time to get acquainted with all its sights.

reason 2. to ride a gondola

this is a unique entertainment, which you can try only by visiting venice.this is used by local entrepreneurs engaged in skiing. a trip for 40 minutes will cost 80 euros, that is, 2 euros per minute. but what can’t you give for a unique pleasure that you will never experience again in your life?

reason 3. to stay in a luxury hotel.

in venice, there are truly luxury hotels, stay in which is surrounded by comfort, attentive service, italian hospitality. this is undoubtedly the hotels of venice 5 stars and 4 stars. staying in them, staying in this city, means — to give yourself a great holiday in a rich environment.

reason 4. to visit the beach of lido

venice is not only cultural and entertainment programs and excursions, but also a beach holiday. lido is a resort with sandy beaches that attract both local people and many guests. recall that the lido is also an island on which a film festival is held every september.

reason 5. to get to know the churches of venice

only in the center of the city will it be possible to bypass more than ten ancient churches built in the distant centuries and decorated with gold, jewels, the greatest icons. we advise you to visit the frari church, the dome without a church, the church of st. moses and the church with the relics of st. lucia.


G4: Find the Hidden Word

Skip over Activity G4 and try Activity G5. See Fast Track for more details.

1. Overview

Take away the beginning sound of a word to reveal the “hidden” word that remains, using picture cards as clues. Then identify the sound that was removed from the original word.

Your child will practice separating a single sound from a word and will also learn that changing a sound in a word can change its meaning.

2. Materials

Print out the picture cards, preferably on sturdy card-stock paper, and cut them apart. The word index and list are for the adult’s reference only.

You will use four of the picture cards in a session, whichever four you choose.

3. Activity

Before starting the game, explain to the child that with some words, you can take away one sound and find a totally different word “hidden” inside.

Before each round of the game, find the appropriate picture card (the word list will tell you which one to use). Go through the images on the picture card and name them, to make sure you and your child are using the correct word for each picture (e.g., art, not painting).

Adult: [showing picture card] Let’s look at these pictures.
They show owl, ache, and ear.
Now you name each picture as I point to it.
Child: Owl. Ache. Ear.
Adult: Good.

Be sure to do this identification before introducing the word for your child to analyze.

To start the game, you will say a word from the provided list and have the child repeat it, emphasizing and stretching out the beginning sound. Then have her tell you the “hidden” word that appears when you take away the first sound.

Adult: I’m going to tell you a word and ask you to take away a sound
and tell me the “hidden” word that’s left.
The hidden word will be the same as one of these pictures.
Here’s the word. Listen: fffear. Say fffear.
Child: Fffear.
Adult: Again. Listen: fffear. Say that.
Child: Fffear.
Adult: Now, look at the pictures and tell me the hidden word inside fffear.
[If the child struggles, repeat fffear with a pause (.5–1 second) in the middle: fff • ear.]
Child: Ear!
Adult: Yes, ear.
What sound did you cut off of fffear to find ear?
Child: /fff/
Adult: Good job. [Show next picture card.]
Now let’s look at these pictures. They show eat, ace, and oar.
Now you name each picture as I point to it.
Child: Eat. Ace. Oar.
Adult: Good. Here’s another word. Listen: door. Say d-d-door

Don’t tell her to cut off the first sound specifically. She needs to discover for herself, through the game, which sound to eliminate.

Go through the other words connected to the four picture cards you selected for this session; that will be about 45 words per session. Slow down the pace and cover fewer words if your child has difficulty with the concept. Introduce the words in random order. At the end of a session, review any words that the child struggled with. Revisit this activity until you have gone through all the words and the child has a good grasp of the concept.

NOTE: Many children can “find the hidden word” easily but have trouble saying which sound was taken away from the original word.

4. Confidence Builder

Use fewer picture cards, and therefore fewer words, per session. Go through the smaller number of words multiple times in the lesson, in random order.

5. Extension

  • Ask the child the location of the eliminated sound. Was it at the beginning or the end of the target word?
  • Hold up two picture cards at a time, so the child has to choose the right answer from six pictures.

6. Small Groups (2-5 children)

Lesson Objective: Using picture cards as aids, children will hear a spoken word, delete its beginning phoneme, and name the picture of the word that is left.

Adaptation: Read the main activity, watch the video, and follow the instructions above, with the following changes:

Ask the children what hidden means. Can they give an example?

Play the game as a group. Name all images on the card. Give the word from the word list, stretching it out. Emphasize the beginning sound when you say each picture name.

Tell the children there is a hidden word that appears when you take away the first sound (the one that was stretched out). “Can you find that picture?” Practice with several cards together. This can be a difficult concept to grasp and may take several sessions.

Reinforcement: Play the game several times. The word list provides many opportunities for practice. Be sure to present the words in random order.

Use this Reinforcement at Home form to tell parents and guardians how they can reinforce lessons outside the classroom.


Find the 6 hidden words космос эпоха уникальный земля

Вопрос по английскому языку:

Ответы и объяснения 2

По горизонтали (начиная с верхней строки):

flat — квартира (в первом столбце)

sofa — диван (в предпоследнем столбце)

Знаете ответ? Поделитесь им!

Как написать хороший ответ?

Чтобы добавить хороший ответ необходимо:

  • Отвечать достоверно на те вопросы, на которые знаете правильный ответ;
  • Писать подробно, чтобы ответ был исчерпывающий и не побуждал на дополнительные вопросы к нему;
  • Писать без грамматических, орфографических и пунктуационных ошибок.
  • Копировать ответы со сторонних ресурсов. Хорошо ценятся уникальные и личные объяснения;
  • Отвечать не по сути: «Подумай сам(а)», «Легкотня», «Не знаю» и так далее;
  • Использовать мат — это неуважительно по отношению к пользователям;
Есть сомнения?

Не нашли подходящего ответа на вопрос или ответ отсутствует? Воспользуйтесь поиском по сайту, чтобы найти все ответы на похожие вопросы в разделе Английский язык.

Трудности с домашними заданиями? Не стесняйтесь попросить о помощи — смело задавайте вопросы!

Английский язык — язык англо-фризской подгруппы западной группы германской ветви индоевропейской языковой семьи.


Fill in the crossword and find the hidden words

2. Правильно.
3. He goes to the gym every day.
4. I’m wearing jeans today.
5. I don’t understand you.
6. Правильно.
7. What is she going to do tomorrow evening?
8. Правильно.

Задние 2.
Mario: Hi, I’m Mario.
Sarah: Hi, I’m Sarah. Where do you come from Peter?
Mario: Croatia. I stay with my family here in Brighton.
Sarah: Do you like it here?
Mario: Yes it’s a nice town. I’m having a great time.
Sarah: Your English is very good.
Mario: I study at a language school. What do you do Sarah?
Sarah: I’m a nurse.
Mario: That’s interesting.
Sarah: I usually work at night, but I’m not working this evening.
Mario: Do you want to dance?
Sarah: OK.

1 is making
2 are watching
3 does
4 we go
5 stay
6 is Tim doing?
7 Does Ian like
8 going
9 is she wearing
10 do you think

Аудирование без самого аудио сделать, увы, нельзя.

Привет, меня зовут Джубад. Я живу в большом современном городе на северо-западе Англии. Он знаменит своими футбольными командами и родным городом Битлз. Он находится на реке Мерси и является важным портом. Мой любимый город не в Британии. Это на севере Франции. Это большой город, там много кафе, магазинов и хороших ресторанов. Есть популярные туристические достопримечательности, такие как Эйфелева башня, множество художественных галерей и красивых музеев. Лувр известен во всем мире, и каждый год его посещают миллионы людей. Я живу в Лондоне, но я не англичанин. Мой родной город в Шотландии. Моя семья все еще живет там. Я деревня у моря. Это спокойное место с красивыми небольшими домами и прекрасной старой церковью.


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